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(Pocket-lint) - Michael Kors has a full range of fashion-focused smartwatches and the Access Sofie model is being updated in Summer 2019, to make it even more appealing.

Addressing some of the shortcomings of the original 2017 model, the Access Sofie 2.0 has a whole range of hardware to support new functions, especially when it comes to fitness. 

The addition of a heart rate monitor means it can track the intensity of your workout, while the GPS means you'll be able to record your running route - if running in a £369 watch with a crystal bezel is your thing. 

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There are additional skills, however, in the form of NFC. Yes, no three letter abbreviation has been omitted in getting this watch connected - the NFC function allowing you to use Google Pay on the fly at contactless payment terminals. It also supports Google Assistant to give you AI support on the move.

The new design now sports three buttons rather than the single button of the original, but otherwise keeps much the same style. It will be available in a range of different finishes - stainless steel, silver-tone stainless steel, gold and rose gold; there's also the option for a pavé crystal bracelet.

The watch runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 platform, using Wear OS to provide all the software skills, making it a seamless partnering with Android smartphones. It will also happily work with iPhone.

The new Michael Kors Access Sofie 2.0 models will be available in Summer 2019 starting at £369.

Writing by Chris Hall.