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(Pocket-lint) - An FCC filing has revealed that the Fossil Group, which owns the Fossil brand as well as others such as Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Diesel, Misfit, Skagen and Michael Kors, has seven new smartwatches on the way, all of which have NFC built-in. 

The FCC filing was made on Wednesday and is now available to view publicly. It refers to the smartwatch model numbers DW7F1, DW7M1, DW7E1, DW7E2, DW7S1, DW7B1, and DW7T1. However, despite the different models, they will all come with the same features, just different cases for marketing purposes. The filing says itself "The only differences between these models are the color, strap material, and the chassis. These differentials are mainly for marketing purpose, there is no change in radio frequency, conducted RF output power, radio frequency circuitry, and functional capabilities."

The filing is attached with screenshots from six of the models which confirms they run on WearOS and it's also confirmed they connect via Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi. There's also a reference to an operating range of 13.56-13.56 MHz, which implies the watches has NFC which means they will support Android Pay.

Qualcomm is said to be developing a new dedicated chip for a future generation of Wear OS smartwatches as an update to the Snapdragon 2100, and it's possible it will make an appearance in these seven Fossil Group models. If this is the case, we should see them launched before the year is out. 

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Writing by Max Langridge.