(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to wearables, Fossil is going for it big time. Not only has the company announced a range of smartwatches under the parent Fossil brand, but it's extending it's smartwatch range across a number of other brands, like Michael Kors, Kate Spade or Diesel.

Although there are two new Fossil Android Wear devices incoming (the Q Wander and Q Marshal), here we're looking at the Q analogue watches. Fossil refers to these as the "smarter analogue watch" and continue the journey started by the Q54 Pilot and Q Grant models.

There are in fact a number of different models here and catering for a wide variety of different tastes and styles: the Q Crewmaster, Q Gazer, Q Nate and Q Tailor. If those names sound familiar, that's because this isn't a complete departure from Fossil's existing watches, it's just the Q-ification of them.

These analogue watches all sit on the same platform, but take a step forward over current Q analogue models. Firstly, and importantly, they ditch the need to recharge the battery: all the smart functions run off the regular internal battery, so you can wear this much more like a regular watch, without having to put in on a charging cradle. 

They connect to your Android or iOS device using Bluetooth. Although we didn't see it, we imagine that they will use the same app as the current Q devices, but rather than using LEDs for notifications, the watch is going to use its hands and the second dial.


That second dial has a range of different positions on it. These are mainly to identify the type of alert that you're receiving, alongside the vibration. There's step tracking, of course, which basically takes up the top of the dial for at-a-glance reference. 

But you can also set up favourite contacts alerts. When a call comes in from - for example - your Mum, you can have the hands point to 1 so you know it's Mummy. You can work this around the dial for a number of different people.

There's no date window on these watches, but you'll notice the dials offering digits around to 31, as well as a corresponding date position on the second dial. Again, when you check the date, the hands will move to show you the date, then return to telling the time.


We're yet to see just how customisable this is, but it's preserving traditional Fossil watch style, but giving you the advantage of a range of connected features.

We've filled the gallery with lots of pictures of these watches, check out the captions to know which model you're looking at. There's something for everyone in this selection. They should cost around $175 (UK prices to be confirmed) when they go on sale later in the year.

But even if you're not a fan of Fossil, it's likely that you'll be seeing watches with these functions from all across the Fossil Group brands.

Writing by Chris Hall.