(Pocket-lint) - Fossil and Intel are going to make wearables. But these devices will be for the fashion industry, only.

Both companies have announced they plan to "identify, support and develop emerging trends" in the wearable technology space. More specifically, they want to work together on emerging products for the fashion-oriented consumer. Fossil Group even said Intel will enable it to "participate in wearable technology in a fashionable way".

Fossil confirmed earlier this year that it would manufacturer Android Wear devices, though the watch maker has yet to detail or release anything. Meanwhile companies like Motorola and LG have already brough Android Wear waatches to market, leading many to wonder what's taking Fossil so long. Well today we have our first sign that the company isn't just twiddling its thumbs in some corner somewhere. Fossily might be just taking its time, slowly perfect a smartwatch.

A partnership with Intel could lead to the first Intel-powered Android Wear watch. The company is likely looking at how fast the competition is developing Android Wear watches, and it probably wants to carve out a niche that it can dominate: fashionable wearables. In fact, Kosta Kartsotis, CEO of Fossil Group, commented: "Combining our fashion lifestyle brands with Intel's expertise in technology, hardware and innovation will position us to be a leader in this segment."

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Although we're speculating about an Intel-powered Android watch, it's not hard to connect the dots: Fossil, a watch maker, said it will make Android Wear devices, and now it is working with Intel on wearables for fashion-oriented consumers. The result? A fashionable Intel-powered Android Wear watch.

Now high-end brand Rebecca Minkoff has to step up its game.

Writing by Elyse Betters.