(Pocket-lint) - Those of you waiting for the Adidas-themed Fitbit Ionic will be glad to know there has been an update.

Last year, Fitbit and Adidas announced they were developing a Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition. Little else was said at the time, leaving us and many others to speculate about its release date and pricing. Now, Fitbit has confirmed the watch will be available on 19 March for $329.95 and that it features the Adidas Train app with six on-screen workouts.

The Adidas Edition has a two-toned, perforated sport band, which will be available in "Ink Blue" and "Ice Gray" with a "Silver Gray" aluminium case. It also comes with an Adidas-designed watch face available in four colours. All of these features are exclusive to this special-edition watch and will not be available for the standard Fitbit Ionic.

As for the Adidas Train app, Fitbit has confirmed it has step-by-step coaching to guide you through the following workouts: Dynamic Warm Up to increase your core temperature; Power Pace to train your body to be more flexible; Metabolic to boost your metabolism; and Run Activation to improve your hip, core and shoulder stability.

It will also have guided coaching for Strong Strides, in order to build strength throughout your run, as well as Post Run Stretch, so that you can recover fast via a cool-down stretch. Other than that, you can expect everything that comes packed into the standard Ionic, including GPS, NFC payments through Fitbit Pay, and third-party apps.

In our review of the standard Fitbit Ionic, priced at £299, we said it's a rather pricey bit of kit. Whether the new model can sway potential customers away from the Apple Watch Nike+ remains to be seen.

Writing by Elyse Betters.