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(Pocket-lint) - Fitbit has announced its long-rumoured GPS smartwatch in the form of the Fitbit Ionic, alongside a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones called Fitbit Flyer.

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch has an aluminium build with interchangeable straps and it comes with a plethora of features including water resistance up to 50 meters, heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS, as well as music storage for over 300 tracks and on-wrist personal coaching through a new app called Fitbit Coach.

The device, which Fitbit hopes will become the ultimate health and fitness smartwatch, aims to bridge the gap between the fitness tracker, an area the company excels at with its numerous wearables, and the smartwatch, an area it hasn't entered properly until now.

Alongside the various fitness features, which include all the standard functions available on current Fitbit devices like sleep stage tracking and automatic exercise tracking, the Fitbit Ionic will also offer smartwatch functionality and a four-day battery life.

A new service called Fitbit Pay, which allows users to pay with their watch providing there is a contactless payment terminal, will launch with the smartwatch, and it will also deliver smartphone notifications, not just texts and calls, but third-party applications too like Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail.

The Fitbit Ionic will run on the Fitbit OS which will feature an app gallery that will include various fitness and health apps, like the new Fitbit Coach, as well as third-party partner services such as Strava. The Fitbit OS will also have an open SDK launching mid-September that will allow app developers to create apps specifically for the Ionic smartwatch.

The Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones have been designed to connect seamlessly to the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, along with two further devices via Bluetooth, such as your phone and laptop.

They are said to be sweat proof, comfortable and durable, whilst delivering premium sound quality. Music and call controls are present on the adjustable rubber cable and there are two sound profiles available, one signature profile and one PowerBoost mode that amplifies bass, stereo and EQ for when you need an extra boost during a workout.

The Fitbit Flyer will be compatible with all personal assistants including Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Cortana, and it will offer audio prompts for notifications like low battery.

Fitbit says the wireless headphones will deliver six hours of playtime with quick charge and they will come with various wings, tips and fins in the box in order for users to adjust the way they fit.

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The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will cost £299.95, while the Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones will cost £109.99. Both will go on sale in October 2017.

Fitbit is also partnering with Adidas and will launch a special edition Ionic smartwatch in 2018, alongside specialised training programmes.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 24 August 2017.