Wanna get down with the chavs on your street? Perhaps you need to get yourself a Casio G-M watch.

Apart of the new glam collection of Baby-Gs, the Bling'ed watch comes in bright white and yellow gold, and will be the perfect accessory to 'chavving' up almost any outfit.

Costing £69.99 the watch is water resistant to 100m, features a 1/100sec stopwatch and shock resistance, making it a gadget all girls will want to get their hands on!

If that wasn't enough there's a World Time feature that will tell you the time in 29 time zones (48 cities), a city code display and daylight saving on/off feature so won't find yourself getting to work a hour later or earlier in October and April.

There's also five daily alarms, one of which comes with a snooze function.

Luckily wearers don’t have to go around asking whether they are "bovvered".