Casio has launched two new ranges of keyboards, one designed to teach budding pianists and one to reproduce grand piano sound in small spaces.

The key-lighting range offers a variety of features to help learners master various songs. Three-step lessons ensures that everyone can perfect popular songs in the keyboards' database, as well as tunes downloaded from Casio’s website.

Step one makes you press key in time to the rhythm of the tune, while step two lights the keys in sequence so that you can learn to play. Step three combines the two so that you can master the song.

The keyboards come with a songbank of 100 tunes, with hundreds more available for download. The range features 50 different rhythms and 100 tones to use in standard keyboard playing mode; the LK-300TV features a TV output so that you can even host karaoke at home.

Models in the keylight range start at £130.

Also available is the Privia digital piano range that Casio calls “stylish, compact and priced for affordability”.

Each keyboard features a full-length keyboard with 88 keys, scaled hammer action keys with heavier feel at the bottom than the top, and over 200 different piano nuances. Keyboard variations like harpsichord and a range of organs, strings and basses are also available.

The five models are priced between £500 and £700.