Casio G-Shock GM-2100 has new, super stylish octagonal metal bezel

The Casio G-Shock GM-2100 has a forged metal bezel finished with a mirror polish to the sides. (image credit: Casio)
The octagonal design follows a long tradition of models, even dating back to the first G-Shock - the DW-5000C. (image credit: Casio)
It is naturally shock resistant - as with all G-Shocks - and waterproof down to 200 meters. (image credit: Casio)
Multiple colour options will be available - green, black, red and navy blue. (image credit: Casio)
The strap is designed to perfectly match the GM-2100, with a square dot texture with incremental variations in dot size. (image credit: Casio)
The digital and analogue combination watch can be set to 31 time zones. Up to five daily alarms are also available, along with with an auto calendar. (image credit: Casio)
A double LED lighting system ensures you can read both the analogue arms and digital readout in the dark. (image credit: Casio)
The four colour variants of the Casio G-Shock GM-2100 will be available from late August/early September 2021. (image credit: Casio)