Casio G-Shock Midnight Green series adds deep green accents to fan favourites

The G-Shock GA-140 has a classic look, with a sporty theme and rugged face. (image credit: Casio)
The GA-140 also supports world time adjustments and has a calendar front and centre. (image credit: Casio)
The Casio G-Shock GA-700 is a step up model with larger screen to complement the analogue hands. (image credit: Casio)
The three-dimensional face design and front buttons adds even more chunkiness to that classic G-Shock look. (image credit: Casio)
The Midnight Green accents add even more retro cool to the G-Shock GW-B5600. (image credit: Casio)
The GW-B5600 also comes with solar-charging built in to keep it ticking along nicely. (image credit: Casio)
Another neat feature of the new 5600 is that its LCD display is standard. Others in the range have white text on black. All green G-Shocks are available now. (image credit: Casio)