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(Pocket-lint) - Casio has introduced a new G-Shock watch at CES 2018.

Called the GPR B-1000, it's a GPS-equipped wearable that falls under the Rangeman line. It can do standalone GPS navigation for up to 33 hours on a single charge. There's also a built-in solar panel in the face. So, if you leave the watch in direct sunlight for at least four hours, Casio promised you'll get another hour of GPS navigation.

The solar panel basically doubles as an auxiliary charger for the smart functions. It's useful if you're an outdoorsy person and often find yourself on extended camping trips without access to a proper power source. However, if you're at home, you can rest the G-Shock on a wireless charger puck and then get a 100- percent charge in five hours.

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The back of the watch has a ceramic panel, which is a first for the G-Shock line. It measures just 2-mm thick and allows for wireless charging. Other stand-out features: It can work in temperatures as low as -4 F and depths as low as 200m. It also has a carbon fiber insert band and sapphire crystal. But all this doesn't come cheap.

The GPR B-1000 will be available to buy in April for $800. Yikes. But, it has a tough construction and is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It's perfect for the Bear Grylls-type, if you have the cash to spare.

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Alongside this watch, Casio announced the new G-Shock G-SQUAD series, starting with the GBA-800, which will be available in six models. Casio said it has a more "stylish" look to match casual wear. It features a 3-axis acceleration sensor and can pair with its smartphone app to support fitness-tracking like daily steps taken.

Using Bluetooth, the watch pairs with a smartphone and sends data to the G-Shock Connected app, allowing you to track and view the daily steps you take and the calories you burn. You can also create timed workouts for interval training.

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Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed release date and price for Casio's G-Shock GBA-800 fitness hybrid smartwatch.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.