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(Pocket-lint) - Casio has used CES 2017 to launch a new version of its Android Wear smartwatch, one of the more interesting Android Wear devices to launch in 2016.

The new WSD-F20 makes a few cosmetic changes to the original version, but still sticks to the big brash styling, leaving you in no doubt just how much abuse this watch can take. It is water resistant to 50 metres and is certified to MIL-STD-810.

Pitched as a smart outdoor watch, one of the main points of interest for tech heads will be that it launches on Android Wear 2.0, Google's slightly delayed update to its smartwatch platform, but as Engadget comments, the original WSF-F10 will be in line for an update in 2017 too.

As before there's number of buttons and loads of sensors on-board, with GPS taking centre stage, so this watch will do your mapping without needing your phone. That's not just GPS route tracking for sports apps, but also supporting offline mapping with a low power mode, so if you're lost in the bush, your watch can help you find your way out again. 

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Low power is on the agenda and one of the unique features of Casio's rugged smartwatch is the dual-layer display setup, meaning you can reduce the battery drain when you're out and about, by only using the monochrome display for basic functions like viewing the time. There's a 1.32-inch display with 320 x 300 pixel resolution.

The exact prices is still to come from Casio, but we're expecting the WSD-F20 to be available from 21 April 2017.

No word on whether it will be available in the UK.

Writing by Chris Hall.