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(Pocket-lint) - As well as its GPS and radio wave connected G-Shock watch to keep accurate time around the world, Casio also displayed its GBA-400 Bluetooth Smart G-Shock at CES 2015. And while its available from certain retailers in the UK, generally imported from Japan, we caught up with the device for the first time in Las Vegas.

It's not quite a smartwatch, being similar in design to most in the G-Shock range. However, the new model comes with two small LCD screens on the face that show both the time digitally - to complement the analogue-style arms - and information from a connected smartphone, Android or iPhone.

That is mainly when paired with a dedicated G'Mix application as the watch's biggest feature is that it can control your music playback. The small screen displays the track listing and you use the watch dial on the side to scroll through songs. In addition, thanks to a tie-in with Soundhound (a Shazam-like service) you can identify songs playing loud nearby and the name of it will appear on the watch.

The smartphone app can also be used to set the time, timer and alarm. And like many of Casio's Bluetooth-enabled wristwear, it has the company's phone finder software built-in. Press a button on the watch and your phone will make a noise. That way you can find it under a cushion or, heaven forbid, in some thief's pocket.

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The Casio G-Shock GBA-400 costs around £180 and is available in blue, black or red. We particularly like the black one with the gold elements on the face.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Stuart Miles. Originally published on 7 January 2015.