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(Pocket-lint) - Just launched is the Casio Edifice 2013 range of Formula One-inspired watches. Combining F1-style design with Casio's best timepieces, the Edifice watches make a change from the company's usual digital display-centric looks.

Casio Edifice has been working with Red Bull Infiniti Racing for four years and this latest set of watches represents the pinnacle of the manufacturer's F1-inspired tech. Each watch mimics a specific aspect of a car's dashboard and all include a means to time yourself, should you be using it to record lap times.

So close does Edifice work with Infiniti Red Bull, that this year the watch hands for flagship watches are now produced in carbon fibre. Why? Because the pressure from the wheelguns F1 mechanics use to change wheels on a car would shake the watch hands off.

First, we have the EFM-100D-1A1VEF (clearly Edifice isn't being hugely inventive with naming here). The watch has a stainless-steel case, with a wavy carbon fibre-style watch face. You also get 20-bar of water resistance and a date display.

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The most exciting watch in the line-up is the EQW-A1110, which includes the Smart Access system. This innovative timing system allows you to record times for individual laps, store them and then view the fastest lap back on the watch face. None of this is done digitally either, with the second and minute hands scrolling around the watch face incredibly smoothly. It looks very cool and had us constantly pressing the buttons on either side of the watch.

On top of the lap timer, you can switch the watch to a standard 1/20 second stopwatch as well as over to world timing. The start and stop button on the watch is big and easy to press and positioned on the top right, so you can reach over and grab it. The large 36mm watch face is easy to read and the square mode selection dials are also very clear.

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Being the top of the line watch in the Edifice line-up, this also includes access to Casio's Wave Ceptor time adjustment system. Stations in Germany, the UK, Japan, China and North America will beam current times to the watch and it will automatically update itself.

We also like the red aluminium ring that sits just behind the watch front, which is a nice nod to Infiniti Red Bull. Definitely the best in the Edifice line up and you get 100 metres of water resistance thrown in for good measure, so you don't need to take it off when you're swimming.

Last but by no means least is the EFR-523. The model we had boasted a white and blue watch face with a set of three rotating dials and a date display. Each is used for timing, with the watch capable of recording up to 1/20 second accuracy and the ability to record 1st and 2nd place timings. It's quite hefty at 174g but definitely has the most bling look of the three.

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There is also the Infiniti Red Bull EFR-528RB limited-edition watch, which comes with Red Bull branding, a highly accurate timer capable of 1/100 second and Red Bull colour schemes. We will be adding pictures of this extremely limited-edition watch very soon, but if you fancy investing, you can see all the watches over at the Edifice website.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.