Casio has announced a Bluetooth watch that speaks to smartphones or other mobile devices letting you check information on your phone without getting it out of your pocket.

Aimed at Dick Tracey fans, users will be able to see incoming emails and calls while also allowing the wearer to silence smartphone sounds though the watch.

There is also a phone finder feature that lets you find your phone (as long as it’s connected) and Global Time Sync that like your phone self-adjusts to local time.

However unlike previous Bluetooth devices that need charging every couple of hours, Casio says that the watch will have enough juice to run for two years, assuming that the Bluetooth wireless communication function is used for 12 hours per day.

Taking advantage of the low power consumption of BLE (Bluetooth Low Engry), the new watch powers wireless communication functions with a single, ordinary button-cell battery, and without consuming any more battery life than a conventional wristwatch.

Casio aims to produce its first Bluetooth Low Energy Watch in 2011.

Meanwhile, Casio will call for partner companies to develop applications compatible with smartphones and other household devices in such areas as sports, health, home entertainment, security, and communication with family and friends.