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(Pocket-lint) - Asus has announced a new wearable at Computex 2018 called the VivoWatch BP, with the BP standing for Blood Pressure. That's because this wearable is one of the first in the consumer space to be able to measure your blood pressure and it doesn't need an inflatable tube to do it. 

The World Health Organisation says one in five people suffer from high blood pressure, and around 9.4 million people die from complications associated with high blood pressure every year. It's an important thing to keep an eye on, but chances are not many of us do. Asus' VivoWatch BP aims to rectify that. 

It uses a combination of PPG (photoplethysmography) and EKG (electrocardiogram) sensors to measure your blood pressure. The PPG sensors detect your heart rate while the EKG sensors track your blood flow. You need to hold your finger down on the sensor on the front for 15-20 seconds so it can measure your blood pressure and show your results on the display.

The VivoWatch BP can be used to constantly monitor your health too, as one of the two PPG sensors continuously measures your heart rate so you can get an instant reading whenever you want it. It can also monitor your sleep and you can wear it during workouts to once again monitor both heart rate and blood pressure. 

Asus has fitted the VivoWatch BP with GPS, so you can track and share your location without needing to be connected to a phone. Asus says a future software update will automatically alert family members if your vital signs drastically change.

The VivoWatch BP runs on Asus' own KoodOS, and can pair with both Android and iOS devices. A companion HealthConnect app stores all your measurements in the Cloud and can be used to set reminders to take medication. Asus HealthAI analyses your measurements and can give you an overall picture of your health and recommend lifestyle adjustments to get you into better shape. 

It may not be the prettiest wearable ever, but the VivoWatch BP needs its large bezels to house the vital sensors. It's IP67-rated to protect against dust and water and has a 28 day battery life. The VivoWatch BP will go on sale in select regions this summer with pricing to be confirmed. 

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Writing by Max Langridge.