(Pocket-lint) - Asus has already impressed with its sleek ZenWatch and it's not stopping there. The new Asus VivoWatch takes on sporting needs while offering another attractive design and impressive 10-day battery.

Most smartwatches these days will last two days, if you're lucky. So to hear that Asus is claiming the VivoWatch can keep juiced up for 10-days is very impressive and something we're taking with a pinch of salt until we've tested the device. But with a charge time of 1-2 hours even running out isn't a huge issue.

On top of a great battery Asus also claims the VivoWatch will come with a stainless steel body that's IP67 rated against water and dust plus Gorilla Glass 3 and 128 x 128 resolution display.

It'll also feature a built-in heart rate monitor, as is becoming the standard for new smartwatches – especially those that are sports focused. It will also use movement sensors to offer sleep tracking – for those that leave it on overnight.

Asus has certainly got its work cut out for it with competition from the likes of the Fitbit Surge, Garmin Vivoactive with its three week battery and even Pebble Time. Perhaps Asus will be aiming to undercut the competition on price or offer more smartphone connectivity options?

The Asus VivoWatch works with lots of Android devices including Samsung, LG and Sony as well as iPhone.

The UK will get the Asus VivoWatch from May for £120.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.