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(Pocket-lint) - A few new Apple Watch models are expected to launch this fall, with the Series 8 likely to be a relatively minor upgrade to the existing Series 7. It is still said to come with one standout feature, however.

It is said that the upgraded device will be able to detect if you are running a fever, with built-in body temperature detection.


To be honest, it's been rumoured for a while that the Apple Watch Series 8 could have a temperature sensor. However, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also wrote in the latest edition of his mainly Apple-centric Power On newsletter that the technology could also feature on the rumoured rugged Watch edition too.

He doesn't believe it'll make its way onto an updated Apple Watch SE though.

According to the newsletter, the body temperature functionality of the Series 8 and dedicated sports edition watches won't give you an exact reading, but it will be able to alert you if it believes your core temperature is too high. That way you can then take a more accurate reading and/or call the doctor.

As for the internals, Gurman has previously said he understands the processing will be identical between generations, so you shouldn't expect it to run faster.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.