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(Pocket-lint) - Though the Apple Watch Series 7 may not represent the design overhaul we were expecting, Apple did remain true to form by releasing the smartwatch in plenty of colours, finishes and special editions.

As we've seen previously, the standard aluminium case is joined by a stainless steel variation, though there'll be no titanium models available - at least initially, anyway - when the smartwatch launches later this year.

Below, we'll give you a quick visual overview of the Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 colours: Aluminium

For the standard Apple Watch Series 7 models, Apple is providing the aluminium case in five different finishes: midnight, starlight, green, and a new blue and (PRODUCT)RED. To you and me, that's black, silver, dark green, blue and red.

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Apple Apple Watch Series 7 colours: All the case finishes and special editions of Apple's latest smartwatch photo 1

As with all the cases in this latest generation, the sizes have also changed slightly - though this doesn't mean bands aren't still backwards compatible.

The smaller model will now be 41mm (up from 40mm) while the larger equivalent will be 45mm (up from 44mm), making it the largest Apple Watch ever released.

Apple Watch Series 7 colours: Stainless steel

As Apple does with its smartphone lineup, the more premium finishes are available in different colours to the standard models.

For the Apple Watch Series 7, the stainless steel models will be available in silver, graphite and gold.

Apple Apple Watch Series 7 colours: All the case finishes and special editions of Apple's latest smartwatch photo 6

While these case colours and finishes are consistent with the delights of older generations, the biggest change with the latest generation is actually the display. With 40% smaller bezels - measuring in at just 1.7mm around the edge - than the Series 6, a host of new watch faces are available exclusively on the new model.

Apple Watch Series 7 special editions

Apple has continued its long-standing partnerships with both Nike and Hermès for the Watch Series 7, showing off two new models during the official announcement. 

Apple Watch Hermès debuts the 'Circuit H' and 'Gourmette Double Tour' bands. The former is being described as a graphic representation of an anchor chain design, printed in Swift leather, while the latter is a tribute to 1930s Hermès collars and is made from Fauve Barénia leather.

Naturally, the new generation, whichever band you choose, will feature the Hermès watch faces to match. 

The Nike edition of the Series 7, meanwhile, keeps things a bit simpler; the Sport Loop and Sport Band return, with both featuring the company's iconic Swoosh logo on the band.

Again, like with Hermès, new exclusive watch faces will come pre-installed onto the device.

Writing by Conor Allison.
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