Apple Watch Series 7 arrives with redesigned display and more durable design

Apple has now confirmed the latest iteration of its smartwatch, the Series 7. Let's dive into some of the key details. (image credit: Apple)
The most notable features of the Series 7 include the bigger, redesigned display, an all-new durable design and faster charging. (image credit: Apple)
The Series 7 is the first Watch to feature a keyboard, thanks to the larger screen. The case size is also up from predecessors, with 41mm and 45mm options. (image credit: Apple)
Apple Watch Series 7 boasts the same swim-proof design as previous models, but the new IPX6 rating ensures improved dust protection. (image credit: Apple)
Apple Watch Series 7 is the first of Apple's smartwatches to mix up the charging function. It supports USB-C, which allows for quicker charging. (image credit: Apple)
The device will detect a crash on your bike or a slip during a class, for example, before offering the usual support for contacting emergency services. (image credit: Apple)
The aluminium version of the Apple Watch Series 7 will debut in five different colours: black, gold, blue, red and dark green (image credit: Apple)
The Apple Watch Series 7 may not represent the most drastic change we've seen between smartwatch generations, but here's a quick glance at everything new. (image credit: Apple)