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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple AirPods 3 could potentially feature much-improved batteries when they arrive at the company's 14 September event.

That's according to Twitter tipster Pine Leaks, who suggests the wearable duo is in line for significant battery upgrades compared to previous generations. 

In a series of tweets filled with scraps of information about the upcoming Apple event, it's noted that the AirPods 3rd Gen will feature a charging case that offers around 20% more battery compared to the current, 2nd Gen.

The batteries that live inside the new earbuds themselves, meanwhile, will be roughly similar to the current AirPods Pro. The sound performance, it's said, will also be similar to the last generation but with improved bass and lows. 

As far as the smartwatch is concerned, there's a little less information to go off.

Pine Leaks notes that the Series 7 is "bound to see its first real battery life improvement since the original Apple Watch", but doesn't offer any specifics regarding how much this will deviate from current battery expectations.

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There's also plenty of notes on the iPhone 13 earlier in the thread, but a lot of this information has already been covered in our rumour roundup for Apple's next flagship smartphone.

As with any pre-event leak or tip, it's important to take all the above with a considerable pinch of salt. While it's not unlikely that both Apple's next earbuds and smartwatch receive battery improvements - in fact, it's more likely than not - the information on display here is relatively thin.

Luckily, we don't have long to wait, with Apple's event now set to be held within a week.

Stay locked to Pocket-lint, as we'll have all the latest rumours leading up to all those official specs, features and prices being announced.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 8 September 2021.