Apple launches Apple Watch bands and faces for 22 nations

There are a couple of unique aspects to Apple's latest watch bands. (image credit: Apple)
They feature “bold designs that represent 22 nations around the world", according to Apple. (image credit: Apple)
And they come with accompanying watch faces. (image credit: Apple)
The new "International Collection" is launching ahead of the Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo in July 2021. (image credit: Apple)
Available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, you can buy the new Apple Watch Sport Loop bands now for $49 from Apple’s US website. (image credit: Apple)
Each Stripes watch face will be available to download "soon" from for all users with the Apple Watch Series 4 or later. (image credit: Apple)
They are limited-edition soft Sport bands designed to “celebrate the describable drive and competitive spirit of all athletes and fans", Apple said. (image credit: Apple)
The South African version sports the gold, black, and green elements of the flag. (image credit: Apple)
The Korean watch face is reduced to a red and blue stripe across the screen. (image credit: Apple)
Spain get's a bold yellow band to match the watch face (image credit: Apple)
If you like Orange, you can really show your love for the Netherlands flag (image credit: Apple)
Simple and clean, this two toned green and yellow version is sure to be a hit down under (image credit: Apple)
Greece gets a striped design to celebrate those whites and blues. (image credit: Apple)
The watch face for Jamaica really plays to the matching Apple watch strap (image credit: Apple)
Like the German watch face, Belgium's design is simple and bold. (image credit: Apple)
A two tone watch strap ties in with the German Apple Watch face. (image credit: Apple)
Rather than landscape, the Russian flag is diagonal across the Apple Watch. (image credit: Apple)
Viva La France with this stylish French version. We love the simplicity of the beading on the watch strap. (image credit: Apple)
No stars here, just a small yellow band to represent them. (image credit: Apple)
Very similar to the Canada Apple Watch design, but the Danes get a two toned watch strap to show their difference (image credit: Apple)
Apple has ditched any country flag symbols for a simple and elegant striped design as seen here with the Brazilian version. (image credit: Apple)
You lose the maple leaf but get a whopping big white stripe instead. (image credit: Apple)