Apple watchOS 8 release date and all the features coming to your Apple Watch

A feature called Focus allows you to automatically filter notifications based on what you are doing, whether that's fitness or work so you don't get distracted. (image credit: Apple)
Updates to the Home app on Apple Watch include automatic suggestions when a device nearby is activated, like unlocking the door when the doorbell rings. (image credit: Apple)
The Breathe app changes to the Mindfulness app in watchOS 8, with Mindful Minutes for breathing session and reflecting sessions. (image credit: Apple)
There's a Portrait Watch Face in watchOS 8 that will use Portrait photos from your iPhone and place them in the centre of your Apple Watch. (image credit: Apple)
Sleep tracking on Apple Watch will include Respiratory Rate - number of breaths per minute - in watchOS 8, whilst also adding a sleep trend to the Health app. (image credit: Apple)
Your Apple Watch will be able to unlock more, including your home if you have a compatible lock, whilst also offering a digital ID in some US states. (image credit: Apple)