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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is finally adding sleep tracking to its smartwatch when watchOS 7 is available later this year.

As well as tracking your sleep patterns through the night, you can start the entire process on your iPhone through the Wind Down feature. And, after your night's slumber, then be gradually woken up through the alarm functionality on the Watch.

During the night, your Watch goes into sleep mode - important as you'll be wearing it while you snooze. A dedicated, simple watchface will be available if you tap the screen, but it otherwise remains unobtrusive.

You can check out how well you slept and see statistics afterwards.

As well as sleep tracking, watchOS 7 will add a few other new features.

Dance workouts will be able to be tracked for the first time, with upper and lower body dancing being recognised.

And, to help with the current climate, a hand washing feature can be started when the Watch detects the related motions. It will then count down to help you ensure you wash your hands for the correct amount of time.

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This might seem a little short-lived, considering we won't be in this situation forever, but it could also be helpful for kitchen or medical staff, say, who need to keep their hands as clean as possible for their work.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 June 2020.