(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Apple has considered adding a camera to the Apple Watch.

More specifically, the company explored putting a camera in the Apple Watch’s band, at least according to a new patent (via AppleInsider). An illustration in the filing showed an “optical sensor” added to the watch's strap, which would allow a wearer to twist and turn it to capture a photograph without having to rotate their wrist around awkwardly.

The wearer could pull the flexible strap up to capture what’s in front, or fold it on itself for a selfie, for instance. Another illustration imagined the camera swiveling to grab photos. The patent also described two cameras in “opposing optical directions" in the watch band, and it suggested taking photos by “pinching the watch band” or using voice controls.


The camera could also be moved out of the way, or tucked away, on the watch band when not in use. These are all novel ways of allowing a wearer to take shots without having to extend their arm every which way, though we still think it's a bit cumbersome.

Perhaps that's why Apple has yet to launch a camera-equipped Apple Watch. At least we know it is coming up with ways to implement such a feature, but nevertheless, we'd be shocked if this particular patent ever came to fruition.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.