(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Apple has asked Japan Display to supply new OLED screens - presumably for the next version of the Apple Watch. 

We're expecting Apple Watch Series 5 to debut this September as Apple seeks to ram home its dominance of the smartwatch market. It's possible that Apple could shift at least one version of the watch to a circular display. It's also possible that Apple could ditch the physical buttons altogether, although this isn't something we'd really want to see as the physical controls add to the overall aesthetic. 

Although Japan Display is a long-time Apple partner, it has remained dedicated to LCD displays and Reuters reports that its business from Apple has suffered as phones move towards OLED from LCD. Added to this is the widely-acknowledged fact that the iPhone XR hasn't sold well - and it has an LCD display.

Japan Display is a late adopter of OLED tech, but as you'll know, it's the way smartphones and smartwatches have been heading for several years. 

We're expecting this year's Apple Watch to double-down on fitness - perhaps with cadence-tracking. There may also be sleep-tracking on board, although we're not sure how this would work with the need to charge the watch at night. 

Indeed, battery life is one of the areas we also reckon Apple will improve for this year's release. Will there also be a wider rollout of the cellular watch to more networks? 

Writing by Dan Grabham.