Apple's next smartwatch probably won't appear until the latter half of 2019, with the Apple Watch Series 4 only recently making its way onto wrists, but that doesn't mean we can't start talking about it.

Here is everything we expect to see on the Apple Watch Series 5, coupled with any rumours floating around.

What will the next Apple Watch be called?

  • Probably Apple Watch Series 5

Unlike the iPhone, Apple didn't mess around with the Watch naming structure. Since the original was followed by the Apple Watch Series 1, the company has followed with sequential numbers every year.

It is therefore highly likely we can expect the 2019 model of the company's smartwatch to be called the Apple Watch Series 5, succeeding 2018's Apple Watch Series 4.

You never know though, maybe it will be called Apple Watch X, but we doubt it.

Apple Watch Series 5 release date

  • Predicting 10 September 2019

Apple typically holds its iPhone launch event in September of every year and the next iteration of the Watch is normally announced at the same time.

This launch event normally takes place in the second week of September on a Tuesday. We're therefore placing our money on 10 September 2019, though we expect nothing to be confirmed until late August 2019.

What we want and expect to see on the next Apple Watch

  • Focus on fitness - more advanced features
  • Improved battery life
  • Always On Display
  • Smart straps

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some big design changes in terms of display. The general style and shape remains the same as the original Watch, but the Series 4 offers a lot more screen in similar footprints.

We're therefore not expecting huge design changes for the Apple Watch Series 5. Instead, we expect 2019 to be more of an "S" year for the Watch, allowing the iPhone to snap up the limelight. The Apple Watch has had the same form factor since it was first introduced so we would be surprised to see this change, especially next year, but hey, you never know.

What we do expect however, is more health and fitness features, perhaps taking on the likes of Garmin with more running functions like cadence tracking for example. Garmin also do a great job of enabling users to share their runs or activity so we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple take a leaf out of this book.

We'd like to see battery improvements to match other smartwatches in the market, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch and we'd also like to see an Always On Display for the Series 5. It would also be great to see the Apple Watch unlock more. Rather than just being able to unlock your Mac, perhaps it could act as your office key card too, for example.

Other possibilities could include things like smart straps, third party support for watch faces, a camera and FaceID, though we suspect the latter two are wishful thinking rather than plausible additions, mainly due to lack of space for the sensors.

Apple Watch Series 5 rumours

There have been very few rumours surrounding the Apple Watch Series 5, which isn't surprising given the Series 4 has really only just come out. That will change though, just wait.

There are a couple of patent filings around, one for a circular Apple Watch and we've seen a couple of wishlists on MacRumors forum, which include things like a blood glucose monitor and a blood pressure monitor, but for now these are only wishlists.

There's also talk of Apple testing sleep monitoring, though it's said it won't come to the Watch until 2020.

This feature will be continuously updated until the Apple Watch Series 5 is official so keep checking back for the latest.