When Apple executives take the stage at WWDC 2018 next week, they'll likely spend a moment unveiling an all-new watch face.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's back up. 9to5Mac recently found strings in the beta version of iOS 11.3 that suggested Apple developed a special pride face for the Apple Watch. However, the company removed all those assets shortly after. But, with the release of iOS 11.4 and WatchOS 4.3.1 on 29 May, new code has popped up with video assets once again showing off the yet-to-be-announced watch face.

The watch face is clearly inspired by the rainbow flag and will move if you tap the display, 9to5Mac said. The site also found assets within watchOS that show the bands of colour will move when the watch itself is moved, and that these movements will be different every time. Now, this new pride face is set to become available on 4 June at 12pm PST, which means it will likely be announced that same day at WWDC.

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Apple has already announced it will hold a live-streamed opening keynote to kick off its annual developers conference. Go here to learn all about WWDC 2018 and what we expect to see from the show. Now, if you don't want to wait until then to grab this face, you could go to Settings on your watch, then General > Date & Time. From there, turn off the automatic option and pick a date and time after 4 June at 12pm PST.

Just keep in mind there is a risk of losing data. If you're at all worried about that, be patient and wait until the official release on Monday.