(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch Series 3 is out, and available on EE with Cellular connectivity. Here are five reasons you should get it from the leading 4G network in the UK. 

1 The advanced network

EE launched the UK’s first 4G network way before its rivals and since then has grown to become one of the most advanced, and fastest, in the world. As such, it’s uniquely well placed to seamlessly work with the Apple Watch Series 3, available in two versions. One includes GPS capabilities, the other has GPS and 4G connectivity. It’s this second one which has the ability to connect to the 4G network through EE – and EE is the only network on which you can connect. Apple’s trick of allowing your iPhone and your Watch to use the same phone number needs a system that can support this technology and EE’s knowhow combine with its feature-rich network make it a precise match. 

2 It’s a tech-savvy network

EE is the first carrier to run the Apple Watch on its carrier not just because of its widespread, fast, trusthworthy network. It’s also because EE is so savy about tech. That goes back to the innovative capabilities of EE which have been so well developed for so long. Really, EE has routinely been at the forefront of new technology, making it ready for Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G. It’s EE’s knowhow that means you can be sure that your Watch will stay connected to 4G as reliably as your phone does.

3 It’s easy to set up

Setting up your watch is super simple. Start by opening the watch app on your iPhone and select start pairing. Once paired follow the in-app instructions to set up your watch including setting up mobile data. Once all connected you’ll be ready to go. EE is doing all the heavy lifting in the background, you can just get started on using your Watch for texts, calls and more even if your iPhone is nowhere near. And it uses your iPhone’s allowances for texts and call minutes so you know exactly where you are.

4 The EE Smart Watch Plan is great value even if you buy the Watch elsewhere

Best value of all comes when you buy the Watch direct from EE, where there is a modest upfront cost. This is a maximum of £159.99 and can be as little as, well, free. There’s also a £25-a-month ongoing cost. But if you decide to buy your Watch elsewhere such as John Lewis or the Apple Store, say, there’s still a tempting benefit in the way the Watch connectivity is priced by EE. In that case, you can add a 30-day Smart Watch plan – it’s free for the first six months and then £5 a month for 10GB of data. 

5 There’s a wide range of Watch styles to choose from

Apple makes its Watch in a range of colours and finishes. Most affordable is the aluminium version which comes in three colours, space grey, gold and silver. There’s also a Nike+ version which EE also sells. It’s the same price as the regular aluminium model but has extra watch faces and a distinctive strap. It comes in silver or space grey. And then there’s a version with a stainless steel case which has diamond crystal face instead of glass. Really, the only problem is deciding which one to choose.