(Pocket-lint) - Apple is hard at work on the next version of the Apple Watch, and according to the latest reports, it's going to be totally different.

First up, Bloomberg claimed Apple plans to release an Apple Watch with built-in LTE this year. This feature will allow you to leave your iPhone behind and still have full functionality. Currently, the watch must be in range of your iPhone to get notifications and what not. We don't yet know if Apple will still sell models of the watch without LTE, however, like how it sells some iPad models withour LTE.

That said, like the iPad, it will need its own data plan and may need to be paired with an iPhone at some point. Intel will be making the watch’s LTE modem, which isn't surprising considering Apple is currently in a legal battle with Qualcomm over patents. Now, as far as how the yet-to-be-announced watch will look, Bloomberg didn't say, though John Gruber has claiming he heard some whispers.

He thinks the watch will arrive this year with “all-new form factor”. We have no details other than that, but our heads are already spinning. How can a watch have a different form factor, unless, of course, Apple decides to adopt round watch faces? We highly doubt that, though. 

Anyway, the next watch will likely be announced in September alongside the new iPhone. Remember, Apple introduced the Series 2 version of the Apple Watch in September 2016. That version added GPS and water proofing over the original model.

Writing by Elyse Betters.