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(Pocket-lint) - Christmas has passed and now you've probably, like us, become one with the sofa because you can't move from all the food. It's time to set a New Year's resolution to drop a few pounds, then.

If you have an Apple Watch, then it will give you a helping hand throughout January with a New Year challenge to keep all three rings closed everyday for a week in January. As of today, 28 December, you'll get a notification to take part in Apple's challenge, which will be available to take part in throughout January, starting 2 January, we're all allowed to recover from New Year's eve parties first.

The notification to take part will appear 10 minutes after the first time you put your Apple Watch on, and will only appear once. The challenge will however run in the background if you happen to miss it.

The challenge requires you to keep all three Activity rings closed everyday for a whole week, so if you don't manage it in the first week, you'll have three more chances to do so. This means you'll need to stay moving around for 1 minute every 12 hours, completing 30 minutes of exercise each day and meeting your own personal calorie burning goal.

If you manage to complete the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a special achievement badge and some stickers in the Activity app.

You've got a few days to prepare yourself until the challenge begins, so use the time wisely to finish off that cold turkey!

Writing by Max Langridge.