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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has retired the 2015 Apple Watch Edition - that's the super expensive gold one - and replaced it with a white ceramic version instead to sit at the top of the Apple Watch pile.

The new Apple Watch Edition (Series 2) is available in two different case sizes: 38mm and 42mm. It starts at £1,249 from Apple.com, and we couldn't resist putting it on to see what it was like on the wrist.

The new watch, which Apple describes as lustrous, is four times harder than the stainless steel version and comes in a white, pearl-like finish, making Apple Watch Edition extremely scratch-resistant.

Pocket-lintceramic apple watch edition in pictures image 8

On the wrist, it is incredibly glossy and white, with the white hiding any smudge marks, delivering a clean and crisp look. The top of the digital crown is grey, while the overall dimensions of the watch are ever so slightly thicker than the first series of the Apple Watch. 

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The new watch will be "Swim proof" to 50m water resistant and will run WatchOS 3 as standard, which adds a number of new features to the watch, including the ability to access widgets quicker, as well as using it to unlock your laptop. 

Where the ceramic version will shine for the fashion-conscious Apple Watch fans is that it can be paired with virtually any strap and still look cool. Coming with a white silicon strap, we could easily see this looking stunning with a yellow or red leather strap, for example.

The Ceramic Apple Watch Edition is out 16 September.

Writing by Stuart Miles.