(Pocket-lint) - Apple has taken to the stage in San Francisco to make a collection of announcements, including the updated Apple Watch Series 2.

Taking advantage of the new Apple Watch's GPS, there's the revival of a huge partnership between Apple and Nike. 

Introducing the Apple Watch Nike Plus edition, Nike detailed how this smartwatch was designed to be a perfect running partner. 

With a Series 2 Watch, sitting in an aluminium body, there's a custom Nike Plus strap that looks similar to the dual-tone strap at appeared on the last Nike Plus watch produced with TomTom

Putting the runner first, you'll be able to start a run with one press, or simply by telling Siri that you're going running. 

You'll get a simple, clear display with your distance and pace, but if you want more information, there will be an advanced mode.

Nike was keen to stress that this wasn't just a watch about stats. Tying into the huge Nike Plus community, you'll get reminders to run, you'll be able to see how you're standing against your friends, all wrapped in a fun interface as you'd expect from Nike Plus.

Of course, the Apple Watch will do a whole lot, with support for a wide range of apps and now swimming too, with waterproofing to 50m depth.

The Apple Watch Nike Plus will be available in late October for $369, the same price as the regular Series 2 Apple Watch.

Writing by Chris Hall.