(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced that from 19 April anyone will be able to get their hands on new and previously released Hermès straps for the Apple Watch, as they will be sold individually.

Until now the only way to sport an Hermès Apple Watch strap was to buy the whole setup, watch and all.

Plenty of options will be available to buy including a selection of Hermès Single Tour and Double Tour Bands plus an Hermès Cuff.

Adding to the styles introduced initially will be new bands in the same style. All the bands, new and previously released, will be available separately for the first time.


The Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Band will cost £270 and be available in both 38mm and 42mm in Fauve Barenia, Noir Box, Blanc Epsom, Bleu Saphir and Feu Epsom. In 38mm only will be the Capucine Swift and in 42mm only will be the Etain Swift and Bleu Pacon Epsom.

The Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band will cost £420 and be available at 38mm in Fauve Barenia, Etain Swift, Capucine Swift, Bleu Jean Swift, Bleu Paon Epsom, Bleu Saphir Epsom, Blanc Epsom and Feu Epsom. It will come in 38mm and XL for the Fauve Barenia.

The Apple Watch Hermès Cuff will sell for £670 and come in Fauve Barenia in 42mm only.

All the Apple Watch Hermès straps will be available to buy from 19 April.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.