(Pocket-lint) - If a normal Apple Watch is becoming far too common for you then the Epocha range from luxury maker Caviar might draw your wrist in.

Caviar, famed for paying tribute to Russian leaders on modified iPhones, has done it again. The Apple Watch Epocha line consists of three models each with leaders praised. There are President Vladimir Putin, Lenin and Peter the Great variants.

Each Watch has been engraved and comes with specific detailing that applies to each of the three leaders.

The Putin model is gold and displays the Russian skyline, the state emblem on the Digital Crown and Putin's name and signature along the bottom edge. This comes with a matching gold strap.

The Lenin model is silver in colour and features Lenin's mausoleum on the side plus hammer and sickle on the Digital Crown.

For the ultimate level of decadence there's a Peter the Great model. Since he was seen as the great reformer of Russia this is dubbed the Epoca Imperia Apple Watch. This gold model features fine detailing along the edges and an aptly placed crown on the Digital Crown. This also comes with a gold strap to match the watch.

The Caviar Apple Watch Epocha line will cost £2,000 each. The Apple Watch went on sale in Russia on 31 July.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.