What's better than an Apple Watch? A double-sided Apple Watch. No? Just us?

Well, it doesn't matter anyway, because such a thing doesn't exist. However, California-based Nico Gerard has launched a new luxury timepiece that lets you attach an Apple Watch in order to create a make-shift, double-sided watch. We're not kidding this time. The watch is Swiss and called Pinnacle.

It's actually a 41mm timepiece with a mechanical, Swiss-made NG2824A automatic movement and a special bracelet. The bracelet is what lets you attach a 38mm Apple Watch. Other features include a date indicator, water resistance to 100m depths, and a stainless steel case with a black or blue dial.

Or you can get an 18 karat gold case with a red dial. But that variant will cost you $112,000. Yeah. The black and blue variants are somewhat cheaper though, as they're priced at $9,300 and $9,500, respectively. A 38mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch is also included with the two stainless steel models.

If you order the gold variant, you'll get a Gold Apple Watch Edition. No matter which option you choose, the classic watch will sit on one side of your wrist, while the Apple Watch sits on the other. Obviously, this is an awkward and bulky setup. Also, the watch on the inside could easily get scratched.

That said, if you got tonnes of money to burn and want to look silly, this is the setup for you.