The Apple Watch is a design focused bit of kit. Even for those not that bothered by gadgets it's been something they're hearing about and even want.

But the latest variant on the Apple Watch theme has got to be the best yet.

The design was done by hand thanks to the engraving skills of LA-based fashion company Made Worn. As the name suggests the brand is all about making things look older and unique.

Until now Made Worn has mainly been engraving Rolex watches to satisfy a growing audience. Now it got its hands on a 42mm Apple Watch it has created something unique. The Watch is the steel version along with a matching Link Bracelet.

The price of this model of Apple Watch bought in the US was $1,049. After the extensive engraving the final value is almost ten times that at $10,000. But just look at that detailing and you can see why.

Made Worn creator, Blaine Halvorson, said that while every watch they create is unique the company will be producing more than one of these Apple Watch models for its mostly elite and celebrity clientele.

Check out the gallery to see the Watch from all angles in glorious detail.

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