(Pocket-lint) - While it might be obvious that Apple is courting third-party app developers to provide applications for its new wearable gadget, the Apple Watch, it is perhaps less so that it has also published guidelines on its dedicated development website for manufacturers interested in making new straps.

Strap developers, so to speak, can design custom bands for both the Apple Watch 38mm and Apple Watch 42mm models, and the document gives schematics and exact measurements for them to follow. In addition, there are rules and requirements listed that prospective makers need to adhere to.

You can check out the "Band Design Guidelines" for yourself to check out the specifications and regulations. And while the company's wishes might seem steep at times, by providing open documentation for all to use, owners of Apple Watch devices will soon be able to choose from a vast array of bands, plastic, metal or even 3D printed.

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Indeed, there are plenty of unofficial straps already available - alongside licensed and official ones - and we could eventually see many more at a wide variety of price points.

Considering you can now buy a half-decent iPhone 5 case in a pound shop, it wouldn't be surprising to soon see Apple Watch Bands lining up alongside them on the shelves.

That'd look great holding an £8K gold Watch Edition to your wrist.

Writing by Rik Henderson.