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(Pocket-lint) - Apple began dishing out its much-anticipated Watch on Friday 24 April. It's been on the wrists of wearers for one weekend and already photos of broken models are appearing online.

The Apple Watch comes in three variants and so far we've seen photos of the two more affordable models with damage. So the Apple Watch Sport entry-level model and the Apple Watch with Milanese Loop strap have both been damaged.

The Apple Watch Sport comes with a strengthened Ion-X glass front while the Watch features a Sapphire crystal front. Both seem to be susceptible to a knock or two. Although where the Sapphire did scratch it was not cracked so may still be tougher for impact damage.

Even the Milanese Loop strap appears to be scratched in one photo – since this sits on the underside of the wrist this is probably something that was always going to take damage. Also bare in mind some of these Watches might have been broken on purpose for testing. Plus it's a watch - if you don't treat it with care, as with any item, it may get scratched or break.

While straps can be replaced, at cost, the watch itself appears to be extremely difficult to fix according to iFixit's teardown. Presumably since the damage was done so soon after buying, Apple will hopefully allow the buyers to replace their Watches or at least get them fixed under warranty.

Check out the complete gallery of Watch injuries attained so far above.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.