(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch has been sliced and diced by iFixit which has given the smartwatch its teardown treatment. The results reveal an oxygen sensor that's not used, a battery that can't compete with Android Wear, and more.

The iFixit teardown revealed that the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch is actually an oximeter. This means it should be able to measure the wearer's blood oxygen levels as well as heart rate, according to iFixit.

Apple was rumoured to offer more health tracking but reportedly gave up after the sensors didn't live up to its standards.

Perhaps the oximeter isn't good enough for Apple in its current state. Here's hoping a software update could bring bloody oxygen measurements in the future.


The teardown also reveals the Apple Watch battery which is a 205mAh block. Android Wear devices like LG's G Watch R come with a hefty 410mAh battery. The G Watch R lasts a good two days on a charge.

Here's hoping Apple's OS is efficient enough to let the Watch do the same. We're not holding our breath on more than a day on a charge though.

Another revelation from the teardown was how difficult the S1 SiP was to remove. It was thought this might allow the Apple Watch to be upgraded in the future but in reality it would take a lot of professional work to essentially rebuild the Watch for this to get upgraded.

So if you're dropping over £10,000 on a Watch Edition expect to do it again in a year or so if you want to keep up.

Apple Watch is available to buy today but not in store as all orders come from online.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.