(Pocket-lint) - Apple Watch stock is reportedly running low with some countries sold out at pre-order and long waits in others. Could a £37 Chinese replica be the answer?

In the Chinese city Shenzen Apple Watch knock-offs are selling for just £37. They're claimed to offer plenty of functionality while looking just like Apple's version.

The £37 Apple Watch may look like the real thing and does offer popular Chinese apps like WeChat and QQ, but it won't be able to install new apps. But for £37 it's not bad even as a watch.

Zhang Chaoren, a sales person for an Apple retailer, says the company may have trouble selling its Watch at the price it's asking.

That said, the Apple site in China is already showing as sold-out for many Watch pre-orders plus China is Apple's second largest iPhone market. That's not to say the wider population will be able to afford an Apple Watch though.

The Apple Watch in China will cost 3,000 yuan which is about £323 – considerably more than a £37 knock-off option that looks very similar.

Internationally Apple Watch pre-orders appear to have been very popular with predictions that over 1 million units were sold on the first day in the US alone.

The Apple Watch will go on general sale from 24 April. Even when trying a Watch on in an Apple Store you will still have to wait for one as all orders come from online and a wait list has already begun on some models.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.