(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch has garnered a lot of attention since its unveiling last year, with hype magnifying significantly since Apple opened its pre-order process for the new device on Friday 10 April.

Even new areas in Apple Stores and concessions in major shops, such as Selfridges in London, have popped up to give customers the chance to try on one of the smartwatches ahead of the 24 April release date. And staff have been trained to advise which particular Apple Watch is best for specific visitors.

We bet they won't be advising anyone to buy the original Apple Watch though. Even though it is considerably more expensive than the standard versions.

That's because this Apple Watch, listed on eBay for more than £1,700, is watch from the 1990s, having originally been given away by the company to promote Mac OS.

More than 20 years-old, it is somewhat of a collector's item these days, hence the elevated price even though its only function is to tell the time.

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The eBay seller has two of the devices to sell as well, both in mint, unused condition, so could be quids in after shifting both. That said, he'd still need to sell another three of them before he could buy the entry level gold Apple Watch Edition, priced at £8,000.

We wonder how much one of those will fetch in 20 or so years time?

Writing by Rik Henderson.