The Apple Watch is finally available along with its myriad straps to personalise the setup. But not only is the Watch pricey, the straps are too.

Rather than buy the straps from Apple, which you need to do because of those odd 38mm and 42mm sizings, there is another way.

3D Systems has announced a partnership with a company called Fresh Fiber which will allow them to create Apple Watch straps from scratch.

How much do the straps cost?

The official Apple Watch starts at £300 for the Watch Sports, but if you want a variation on the strap that'll set you back a further £130.

Of course you could go for another Sports band in a different colour from £40, but that's not vary varied is it?

What other options are there?

It's still early days for this partnership but the initial offerings are promising.

While there are only four prototypes that have been shown off so far, and all in black, more will be coming. Of course the material input will vary the colour so that should be an option too.

For those with 3D printers you can expect the files to start appearing on the Cubify website soon.

These are not official watch straps as there is no partnership with Apple. For that reason this could be just the start as other watches also get straps like Android Wear. In fact any watch could potentially get the 3D printed, personalised watch strap treatment.

What will be needed to print?

The straps will be exclusively available to print on 3D Systems' Selective Laser Sintering machines. This is because they'll need to be printed using Everlast nylon material.

While this is clearly very specific it should result in a strap that's flexible and comfortable.

Expect to pay $40 and up for the straps which is about £28 upwards.

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