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(Pocket-lint) - Pre-orders for the Apple Watch opened on 10 April and within minutes Apple's online stores were already having to shift shipping dates. Many customers will now not be able to get a device on launch day.

You can however try one on and get advice on which Apple Watch would best suit you.


One of the locations offering this service is Selfridges in London, which has a dedicated Apple Watch Store inside its hallowed halls. You can't buy one there, but there are helpful staff who will advise you on which Watch you might want based on what you will use it for.

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Pocket-lint popped down to the store to have a look and there were plenty of customers milling around, eager to get a glimpse at the Cupertino company's first smartwatch.

Unfortunately, even if you do manage to find the exact Watch combination for you, you can't actually buy it in the store itself, you still have to order one online. And that's true with all UK sales, even in conventional Apple Stores. But at least though you'll know what it will look like when it arrives.

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The Apple Watch concession in Selfridges has a more fashion lead approach to Apple's own high street shops. It treats the device like the other high-end watches spotted around the venue, with reverence and care. And if you want to sample the gold Watch Edition variants, that will be done in private by appointment.

It proves that the Watch is an Apple device like no other and being treated as such.

Writing by Rik Henderson.