If you didn't know how Apple Watch worked before today, you will now.

When Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007, it did so with the release of several videos that explained how to use the smartphone and navigate its interface. The company is repeating that tactic by releasing a new series of "guided tour" videos that walk consumers through some of the core features in Apple Watch.

The first video is called Welcome and simply shows off the wearable's basic functionality, such as fitness tracking, but it also shows how to swipe around and access apps and notifications. The other videos, which are about two minutes in length each, reveal how Messages work, as well as Faces and Digital Touch.

There are seven other videos that are greyed-out and listed as "coming soon", and those will show you how to make phone calls and use things like Siri, Maps, Music, Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout. Pocket-lint has actually published an in-depth look at how the latter two Watch apps work.

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Apple Watch pre-orders kick off in a week, followed by an 24 April launch.

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