(Pocket-lint) - Previous Apple products may not have needed a real world hands-on experience before buying, but the Apple Watch changes that. To make sure everyone can try before they buy, Apple is extending their retail reach and opening shops-in-shops worldwide.

The Apple Watch will be available to view and try on, after booking an appointment, in standard Apple Stores from 10 April, but it will also be offered in department stores.

The move to allow potential Apple Watch owners to try on the Watch in environments like Selfridges away from the hustle and bustle of the Apple store is likely to appeal to a "certain" Apple customer, especially those eyeing up the Apple Watch Edition version with its exclusive price tag. It's about making them comfortable, as well as, gaining association with the retail brand. 

Where to try on the Apple Watch

Apple stores of course, but rather than appear in stores on the high street like Vodafone or EE, Apple is doing something new and different for the Apple Watch.

In the UK, potential Apple Watch wearers can head down to Selfridges in London where there will be an Apple shop-in-shop. Watch faces and bands can be seen and touched so everyone can get the ideal combination to suit them.


It's not just the UK getting the shop-in-shop treatment though. The Apple Watch will also be available to try on at Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Isetan in Tokyo.

Apple Watch will go on sale from 24 April and also be available at department stores and at boutiques in major cities internationally including Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Maxfield in Los Angeles, and The Corner in Berlin.

Apple will offer customers its Personal Setup service to customise the Watch and pair it with the person's iPhone. This service will be available to those who build in-store as well as online, presumably with a visit to an Apple Store location.

How much is the Apple Watch?


There are three variants: the Apple Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The Watch Sport starts at £200, the Watch at £340 and the Watch Edition from £480 up to £950. The custom 18-karat gold or rose gold Watch Edition models start at £8,000.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.