Christy Turlington Burns doesn't just use Apple Watch for running. She also uses it to send her husband doodles.

When Apple announced new information about Apple Watch during its Spring Forward event in San Francisco yesterday, it also brought Burns on stage to discuss her personal experience with using Apple Watch while recently completing a marathon. It was a typical celebrity guest appearance at a technology presentation, though one that highlighted both the fashion and fitness aspects of Apple's latest product category.

But Burns isn't done flaunting around her new Apple Watch. She apparently also sat down with Vogue in San Francisco to talk about how she is very low tech in her everyday life but still finds Apple Watch "extremely useful" (especially as a running companion) and "chic". She also claimed everybody has been asking her where she got Apple Watch, likely because it hasn't even launched yet, and that seems to amuse her.

Burns is an American model frequently featured in a variety of campaigns for major brands, including Calvin Klein and Maybelline. Watch the brief clip above to learn more about how Burns typically uses Apple Watch during her day-to-day life.