(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced that its much-anticipated Apple Watch will go on sale from 24 April with prices starting at £299 for the Apple Watch Sport and hitting a whopping £13,500 for the 18ct Apple Watch Edition model. Yes you have read that right and no, we haven't made a typo.

The Apple Watch Edition would require most of us to remortgage our house to get our hands on it but if you are lucky enough to have £10,000 plus sitting in the bank ready for a new watch, here are five of the luxurious watches the Apple Watch Edition is competing with.

Rolex Submariner

A 2014 model of the Rolex Submariner we came across comes with a yellow gold case along with a yellow gold bracelet that features an oyster glidelock. It has a blue baton dial and it is water resistant up to 300 metres.


The case size is 40mm and the movement is automatic, plus there is 20 months of the manufacturers warranty remaining. None of the specs really matter though as you don't buy a Rolex to tell the time, right?

PRICE: £16,950 from watchfinder.co.uk.

Patek Philppe Calatrava

It's plain, it's simple and it certainly comes with no apps. A 2014 model of the Patek Philippe Calatrava we found for sale has a yellow gold case and a black crocodile bracelet. It comes with a white roman numeral dial and it has automatic movement.

Watch Centre

The case size is 33mm, so quite a bit smaller than the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Edition offerings, and there is 20 months remaining on the manufacturers warranty. If you want to kick back against the smartwatch, this watch is certainly a good place to start. Not a smart feature in sight, literally not one, not even the date.

PRICE: £14,750 from watchfinder.co.uk.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph

With all these luxury watches, it would be rude to leave out Breitling and the Transocean Chronograph offers a rose gold case in a 43mm size, along with a brown crocodile bracelet. It's automatic like the others on this list and the dial is rose gold and silver in colour.


The model we found is from 2015 so it still has four years and 10 months of its warranty remaining, and it might not tell you anything exciting like who is calling, but it does have a little more going on than the Patek Philppe option.

PRICE: £10,950 from watchfinder.co.uk 

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

For those where money really is no object, there is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch with a 39mm case size in a yellow gold, with a yellow gold bracelet. It features a black baton dial and it is water resistant up to 50 metres.

Omega Watches

A model we found is from 1996 so it's 19 years old, which naturally means there is no manufacturers warranty but it does come with a 12 month warranty from the site we found it on. The only problem with this one is, the price is POA, so we suspect you'll probably be able to buy around ten Apple Watch Edition's for the same price.

PRICE: POA from watchfinder.co.uk.

Tag Heuer Mikrograph

Tag Heuer may be rumoured to be entering the smartwatch arena but it has yet to do so and a 2014 model of the Mikrograph watch we came across features a rose gold case that is 43mm in size, along with a brown alligator strap.

Tag Heuer

It is automatic in its movement and it has 20 months manufacturers warranty remaining but like the Omega Speedster Moonwatch, it's anyone's guess as to how much it will set you back. As an indication, it retailed at £41,500 originally so you can expect somewhere around there, which makes the Apple Watch Edition seem pretty cheap in comparison and we never thought we would say that!

PRICE: POA from watchfinder.co.uk

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.