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(Pocket-lint) - Although much of what Apple demonstrated during its "Spring forward" event was previously revealed during the first unveiling of Apple Watch last year, a couple of new features were announced.

For a start, it has been confirmed that you will be able to make and receive phone calls through the Apple Watch. And you will get notifications on pretty much anything you want on the screen. Indeed, all notifications available on an iPhone will be available on the watch too.

Apple has also confirmed that applications will be downloaded on your iPhone rather than on the watch itself and sideloaded onto the device. That means you can scroll through a larger store front than you would be able to see on the Apple Watch's face. It will require iOS 8.2 to be installed on the iPhone, so will only work with iPhones 5 and up.

But the biggest news that we previously hadn't heard involved pricing and the full release date.

Appleapple watch will cost from 299 to a staggering 13 500 available from 24 april image 3

The Apple Watch Sport will be £299/$349 for the 38mm smaller model, £339/$399 for the larger.

The stainless steel Apple Watch, which also comes in two sizes, the 38mm will cost $549 to $1,049 depending on the watch band. And the 42mm version will cost between $599 and $1,099. In the UK they will start at £479 up to £949.

Finally, the 18ct gold Apple Watch Edition, which also comes in the two separate sizes but in premium materials, starts at $10,000. Yep. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. And in the UK, it's £8,000.

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And that's not all. The most expensive model available on Apple's online store is a whopping £13,500 - $17,000 in the US. You can buy a new Ford Focus for just £500 more.

Guess we'd better start saving.

All watches will be available in various territories, including the US and UK, from 24 April. Pre-orders will start at Apple.com two weeks earlier on 10 April.

Writing by Rik Henderson.