(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch has been on the radar for so long that there's plenty of information out there already. Following the Apple announcement you might think you know everything there is to know. But there are probably a few more cool things you aren't aware of.

If you're going to try one on today you should definitely know these bits of information beforehand.

We've found some interesting Apple Watch tidbits that you should find eye-opening. These could make you want the Watch more or may end up putting you off. Either way it's something worth knowing if you're even considering splashing out on the new smart wrist-wear from Apple.

Skin safety

The Apple Watch may not have TouchID, despite being used to pay for things with Apple Pay, but that doesn't mean security measures have been left out. A skin sensor will keep you secure.

When the watch is put on the wearer is asked to enter a security code. This then allows the watch to remain active for Apple Pay use. But should the watch leave the wearer's skin it will no longer be able to make payments as it will be locked up. Brilliant, presuming it works well.

Leftie friendly

While Apple showed off its Watch on the left arm being used by a right hand, it'll be friendly to lefties too.

Apple says the watch can be flipped over, with the straps moved to opposing ends, and it will work exactly the same on the other wrist, being controlled by a left hand.

Yes, Apple Watch designer Jony Ive is left handed.

Directions under the sleeve

Thanks to the Apple Watch's haptic feedback it should be able to offer directions, while cycling say, without the need to look at it.


Different vibration combinations will relate to left or right turns so you should be able to get around without looking lost or needing to look at a map.

This can also be used to feel the heartbeat of someone else wearing the Watch. Why? Because it's Apple and it can.

Ready to run

The Apple Watch does work independently of an iPhone. It'll even store music locally and has Bluetooth LE so you can go for a jog and listen to tunes wirelessly by pairing your Bluetooth headphones. 


The Watch doesn't have GPS though so accurate distance measurements are out. Although the accelerometer and gyroscope will, no doubt, be able to offer a pretty accurate step count and milage measure. It will be able to accurately measure heart rate though which is a useful running metric for anyone with training goals. 


The Apple Watch is not waterproof but it is water-resistant. What does that mean?

You will be able to wash your hands and even take a shower without removing the watch. But don't try and go for a swim as leaving it submerged for any length of time will just end up doing it damage.

Free charging box

The gold Watch Edition model comes with a jewellery box that doubles as a charger.

The box has a magnetic round charger at the rear of the box which sits the watch up. So all you need to do is sit it there at night and let the wireless charging do the work so you're good to go in the morning.

Wait for platinum

Apple has already announced that it will be launching three variants on the Watch: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. But it looks like there may be another variant on its way.


A platinum Apple Watch is rumoured, by the Wall Street Journal, to appear following the initial release. This could be a variant on the first generation or may be saved for the next iteration.

We suspect that this would fall into the Watch Edition category since it'll no doubt cost a pretty penny for such a premium material. The gold Watch Edition is expected to cost at least $5,000, just so you have an idea of what platinum may come in at.

Low power mode

Plenty of worries surround the battery life of the Watch, with reports of it lasting just 5-hours of heavy use. But the New York Times reports there should be an ability to shut down everything except for basic watch functions to allow for longer life.

This sounds a bit like airplane mode to us, which sort of defeats the object of the Watch. Perhaps it'll be more like Sony's smartwatch power controls that allows for individual app power consumption control.

Modular straps

The Apple Watch could end up arriving with modular straps that can offer extra sensors, batteries and more. We already know the straps are interchangeable and now reports from TechCrunch suggest the watch may come with a data port, after it saw one on a working model. This would allow extras to be added to the watch via the strap.


Google is already pioneering modular smartphones with its Project Ara that allows for parts to be upgraded. Perhaps Apple is planning to do the same with the Apple Watch. Other rumours have suggested this port won't appear on the final model and was merely for diagnostic purposes. We can but hope.

Concierge buying

Apple is reportedly set to introduce a new service in its store for fixing items, which will replace the current Genius service. This is thought to both improve the service while allowing for in-store tests of the new jewellery-like Apple Watch – presumably so theft is kept to a minimum while allowing customers to try the higher end Watch Edition devices.

Apple will, apparently, ditch the Genius system where customers walk-in with a problem and are told a time to return for their appointment. Instead people will be sent a text message with the wait time, followed by another when they need to return to the store, then a third with when and where to meet their Apple employee.

Charge wirelessly anywhere

Apple has already announced that the Watch will use wireless inductive charging.


While it has been shown off with a magnetic connector unit initially it may also work using current Qi wireless chargers.

If the Watch is compatible with other wireless chargers that could mean leaving the watch down on new Starbucks inductive charging tables, Ikea wireless charging furniture and your current wireless charger to get it back up to full.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.